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Thank you!

Thank you for being a voter! 2024 is a big year in elections: you'll receive multiple ballots throughout the year based on which local, county, state or federal seats are up in your community. 

 Your vote and engagement make all the difference to your community, especially on the local level! 

Not registered to vote? You can register online here, or register and vote in person up until polls close. 

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Voters registered as identifying with a political party may only cast a ballot for that party's candidate(s). Voters registered as "Unaffiliated" may cast a ballot for any one political party.

Presidential Primary: Voters cast a ballot for their preferred Presidential candidate.

General Primary: Voters cast a ballot for their preferred candidates at the local, state, and federal level who will appear on the November ballot.

Learn more about Colorado's Primaries here!

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2024 Key Dates


March 5: Presidential Primary 

April 2: Municipal/Local & County Elections

June 25: General Primary Election

November 5: General Election

  Call or text: 970-340-8502  

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